Business/Private transport

You have to travel to you workplace and are in often need of transportation? Then you are at the right place! 

We can fully adapt to your wishes! Really, everything is possible. Do you seek a long-term business relationship or your staff needs to be taken to the airport or station – we can take care of it.

Do you want to read your e-mail during the ride or you have to finish you presentation on your laptop – you are free to do it in our taxi. Don’t lose time – time is money.

Please inform yourselves about our attractive offer for further trips and opportunities for you!

Comfortable and safe

For our business services we have a luxurious young E-Class Mercedes without roof light. Our vehicles are equipped with high-end extras such as blinds, windows, leather interior, air conditioning, navigation system and multimedia system. It is also possible to charge your laptop, tablet or mobile phone in the car so that you can work undisturbed. The taxis are clean, free of damage and are
maintained regularly so that you are always assured of a safe and relaxing trip. You prepare for your appointment while we bring you to your travel destination with utmost comfort.

For these exclusive taxi services we have professional, representative drivers ready for you. They are carefully selected and have a broad experience with business travellers. By default, our drivers are dressed in a proper suit.

All our drivers are graduated, speak fluently and handle a correct customer-oriented attitude. In addition, they also master the English language and usually another third foreign language (German, Spanish or French). They can also act as a private driver to drive you in your own vehicle to your destination.


With its Business Taxi Services in Netherlands, Taxi Amsterdam-020 offers you favorable hourly rates that allow you to travel safely and engage with your important business.


Monthly invoice, you want to transport several people in your company on account and carefree driving, then you can order from us.

By means of driving on account, you can book a taxi quickly and efficiently as a company or institution without having to pay. Taxi Amsterdam-020 provides transport, for large companies on monthly invoicing.

Taxi Amsterdam-020 provides the most diverse rides, also outside Amsterdam. We often arrange transport to and from various airports and hotels, but you can always appeal to us for other business trips.

Airport Pick-Up

We receive your guests and / or employees with a sign indicating or name of the guests or the contact person of the group at The Airport – Schiphol and guide them to the agreed destination.


A) Pick-up Arrival hall.

We can also arrange your pick-up from the airport, when you supply us with the necesarry information as: name of passenger with his/her mobile number, flight number, arrival date and arrival time, we arrange a driver will be waiting for you or your guests at the Arrival hall at the airport, with a name sign in hand. When the arrival time deviate from the scheduled arrival time, our drivers will automatically adjust the pick-up to your actual arrival time. What ever your destination maybe, our experienced drivers will find there way flawlessly and if needed with the help of there advanced GPS navigate systems, which our entire fleet is provided with.


B) Meetingpoint ,

If you or your customers and relations are arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, they often have trouble finding the Meeting Point. It is difficult to find one’s way at such a large and crowded airport. The best way to meet your driver is to pass the customs clearance(do you have anything to declare?) and go directly to the Meeting Point(direction trains) in the main entrance hall (Schiphol Plaza). There is only one Meeting Point at the airport, there for this is the best place where our driver can be waiting for you with a name sign in hand. So you can pin point your driver directly. You can find the Meeting Point in de middle of Amsterdam Schiphol Plaza across the Burger King and in between of train platform entrance 3/4 and 5/6. You can also follow the black direction signs with yellow letters following  Meeting point.


C) Pick-up Departure Hall 2F.

Our drivers can pick you up at the door 2F in the departure hall upstairs.


Quality is our standards We strive for 100% satisfaction with our guests. Us our professional, service-oriented, multilingual and always correctly dressed. With our luxury cars we can easily provide you with your business transport wishes.

With us you are always assured of a reliable and safe Private Taxi Service in Netherlands.

Taxi Amsterdam-020 facilitates your business transport in all possible ways. And of course you also benefit from the optimum service we offer our customers. 

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